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Retreat leader/Motivational Speaker

I have served at-risk students for over 30 years. My passion is putting the wonders of science and spirituality into narratives that inspire contagious curiosity and conversation.  

Email me: http://julierogersmartin@gmail.com


The Sea Glass Gift

After a gruesome battle with a school system that failed to address child security issues, I retired from the public school arena. My husband urged me, “Take a year off and write that book inside you.”   And I did, resulting in a catharsis of emotions related to giving up my child for adoption as a young woman.

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Spiritual Director

The metaphor which sustained me on my spiritual journey was glassblowing. Together we can find an image, metaphor, or memory that helps you discover the path to spiritual health, wholeness and hope.

Email me: julierogersmartin@gmail.com

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