Check Out My book: Sea Glass Gift



If you’ve ever seen a glassblower shape a glowing finger of glass straight from the furnace, you were probably mesmerized.  Blowing glass has that effect on people.  It blends science, art, sensuality, and spirituality into a liquid that has no definite freezing point. Glass is an elusive, enchanting medium, which offers a window into the complexities of our own composition.

Sea Glass Gift is a 117,000 word upmarket contemporary novel, based on a true story, which melds the mystique of glassblowing, the allure of New Orleans and the journey of Jenna, a woman who has been contacted by the son she gave up for adoption at birth. His emails topple her through memories that nearly destroy her, except for the lessons she learns from a glassblower who helps fuse the fragments of her world.

Jenna encounters poverty, violence, and religious dogma as she teaches the street children of New Orleans. She begins to identify with the glass she is shaping as she tries to navigate the thin spaces of fragility, transparency, and destruction. The ancient Italian technique of crafting millefiori gives her a spiritual dimension to her world and the strength to examine the darkness inside that threatens her existence. As the colored glass is layered, molded, and pulled into canes, its vibrant patterns are hidden. But when the pieces are cut and artfully arranged side by side, revealing the inner uniqueness of each, they become a part of a millefiori masterpiece.

Sea Glass Gift wrestles with the issues of homosexuality and faith, rejection and reconciliation. It merges the science and art of glass with a tale of souls on the edge, capturing the hope that the hidden, destructive, or discarded shards of our lives truly can be transformed, over time, into works of art.

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