Check Out My book: Sea Glass Gift


Sea Glass Gift is a literary fiction novel, which melds the mystique of glassblowing, the allure of New Orleans, with the story of Jenna, a woman who has been contacted by the son she gave up for adoption at birth. His emails topple her through memories that nearly destroyed her, except for the lessons she learned from glass-blowing–a spiritual journey which helps her overcome the brokenness of her past.


Jenna encounters poverty, violence, and courage as she mentors the street children of New Orleans. Their resilience helps her identify with the elusive glass she is shaping as she navigates the thin spaces of fragility, transparency, and destruction.


Sea Glass Gift is a 350-page novel, based on a true story, which wrestles with the issues of sexual orientation and faith, grace and reconciliation. It blends the science and art of glass with a tale of souls on the edge, capturing the hope that the shards of our lives truly can be transformed, over time, into dazzling works of art.





10 thoughts on “Check Out My book: Sea Glass Gift

  1. Am very much looking forward to reading your new novel, ‘Sea Glass Gift’…..
    Initially, just from reading about it, I am quite intrigued by the comparisons you have drawn from this process of glassblowing to the real life transforming experiences of Jenna…..
    I can’t wait to absorb it all!
    Do keep me posted as to when & how I can buy it!

  2. clairehertzler

    You are a gifted writer to create the anticipation I have to read your book!
    How you have used the art of glassblowing to meld the story together creates a reader’s and a writer’s interest!

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